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Which window film will create the best solution?

Glass is one of the weakest points of a building, vulnerable to burglars and vandals, and even storm damage. Tough and tested film creates an invisible barrier holding glass in place, delaying the ability to get through and also minimise the hazards and damage caused by flying glass.


At Filmworld Window Films we can offer you a variety of window films that can be used for anything from extra security to extra privacy. See below for our range of products. Based in Dungannon, we serve throughout Northern Ireland.

For information on our range of safety films and privacy films or to enquire about our fitting service, call us now on

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Certified safety films will upgrade existing glass in situ to reinforce glass and keep dangerous shards in place in the event of breakage. Enabling you to conform to current glazing regulations and provide safety protection to occupants.

Frosted film

Prevents prying eyes looking into your home or office. Whether you require one way so you can see out, total 24 hour privacy or a frosted look to maintain natural light, there is a film for you. Our film range can provide this by being reflective, opaque or translucent.




Window film has the ability to transform glass with a fresh new look increasing value and comfort within the building. Be it a total renovation to a simple logo or manifestation. This could lead to attracting more tenants for office buildings to raising the brand awareness of your company. The list of films and types are vast, adding colour and light to your business, limited only by your own creativity...

Anything from an industrial explosion or terrorist attack the range of films available will keep shattered glass intact and protect building occupant and interiors. Specially designed to absorb blast shock waves and hold glass together, it is an insurance policy for your glass, providing protection when you need it most.

Allows your glass to be more efficient in winter by reducing the amount of heat loss leaving your building. Reducing heat gain in the summer and costly heat loss in the winter.

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